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About Us

College Beast was founded in 2017 to help athletes worldwide enroll into the US universities with full athletic scholarships. Every year, 450,000 athletes from around the world attempt to get recruited to play college sports in the US, but only 70,000 of them succeed. Athletes fail to get recruited because they don’t have enough knowledge on college recruitment and cannot afford highly-priced sports agencies. That’s why we teamed with the most experienced former college athletes and started College Beast, a sports agency that makes the recruitment process much easier for athletes and provides flexible pricing plans. We help athletes find universities that fit their athletic and academic levels, provide assistance with building a sports resume and corresponding with college coaches, prepare athletes for taking admissions tests, and, finally, guide them through getting cleared by the NCAA and receiving a visa to the US. We connect athletes of 22 sports with over 700 universities in the US, and we are serving athletes worldwide. Join us to become the next College Beast!