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University Search

The first and critical step in the university recruitment process is knowing what schools to apply for. To start off the university search, we will help you in selecting a range of approximately 30 universities that fit your athletic and academic level and match your other preferences.

College Athletes USA will help you find universities that fit you best based on such criteria as athletic and academic performance, location of universities, and majors offered.

As you start the university search, you will be able to pick your desired universities by selecting preferred university rankings, their locations and majors offered. As you select the universities that you like, we will help you evaluate whether you are a good fit for these sports teams based on your athletic performance and various sports rankings. You will also  see how high you will need to score on university admissions tests (described in detail in step “admissions tests preparation) in order to get accepted and browse majors offered.

As you have the list of the universities that you are a good match for, you will proceed to the second step in the university recruitment process.